Virtual Health Fairs

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Virtual Health Fairs
Virtual Health Fairs

About Us

Health Fairs Direct offers a virtual online health fair which allows employees to interact with live professionals from work, home, or from remote locations. Companies can determine which professionals they want available during their online event. Employees can sign up for time slots in advance, or they can participate in the open-room format which allows multiple employees to enter a live chat with a professional at one time. 

Virtual Health Fair Features

Video Library

Have an online video library related to the sectors of health and wellness.

Talk Live

Have the ability to talk live with health professionals such as Dietitians, Nutritionists, Nurses, Health Coaches, Lifestyle Coaches, Personal Trainers, Yoga/Stretching Demos, Financial Wellness including your Insurance Representatives.

Library & Links

Explore an informational library links to other interactive health pages and online assessments online.

Mini Challenges

Mini challenges which can be completed in a day or over the course of the week starting from the date of your event.

Keys To a Successful Virtual Health Fair

Wellness Now

Attending a health fair not only allows employees to learn how to improve their future health, but they also want to leave feeling better than when they walked in. To put it simply, they want to feel healthier now. 


Offer a wide variety of events to help employees maintain or achieve wellness. 


Consuming content through a computer screen makes it harder to focus on it. Virtual health fairs are therefore at a greater risk of attendees being disengaged from the content. Thus, virtual health fairs need to include elements that make paying attention less effortful or intensify the desire to do so. 


Virtual health fairs tend to have higher attendance than on-site counterparts. However, even if the fair is virtual, there are a few steps to take to ensure your audience. Your employees will only attend the event if they know about it. Make sure you announce it a month in advance. Later, keep them informed about the event by e-mail, posters, and flyers. After the event starts, consider posting on social media. Recording your event will allow you to provide employees with access to them at any time, even if they can't attend it live. This will allow your employees to attend virtual sessions whenever it is convenient for them.

Company Wellness Portal 

Provide employees with one online location from which to access your program calendar and other great wellness resources to easily promote your virtual fair internally.

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Virtual Health Fairs

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